The regular transportation of products for distribution, sale and consumption is only part of the work we do at Unlimited World.

    Our highly qualified professional and technical team is prepared to develop those special projects that pose great challenges for the sector and the agents involved in each of the stages of the process.

    To this end, we advise and accompany companies and industries in the transport of their assets, including heavy machinery, medical or scientific technology, industrial equipment or even offices, laboratories or complete production lines that must be moved to new sites/ markets.

    These processes require specialized engineering for each of the stages:

    • 1. Team disarming
    • 2. Adequate packaging and transport by parts
    • 3. Final reassembly in its final location

    At Unlimited World we carefully coordinate and control the route by sea, air and land to ensure that each piece reaches its destination in optimal conditions for its reassembly and immediate operation.

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